MEGA STEEL BUILDINGS has been designing, manufacturing and constructing “all steel” buildings for over 35 years. Mega will arrange to design, manufacture and ship your building anywhere in the United States on exactly the schedule you want. 

We specialize in buildings, 40x60x14, 50x75x16, 60x100x14, 100x100x18. Having said this, we can manufacture the exact building size you need. Each building is built to your specifications per the codes of the County and State you live in.

When you select Mega as your steel building supplier, our 35 years of
experience will get you in your building fast and ensure that the quality
of your building is the very best in the industry.  EXPERIENCE COUNTS!

MEGA has Registered Engineers ready to send you stamped drawings 
(including anchor bolt drawings) as soon as you have your building on
order with us. MEGA also will arrange to get your concrete “pad” or “piers”
designed fast and economically.

We will have a free specialized quote back to you in 24 hours. 
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What we do...

We build to suit, if you don't see a solution for you,
contact us for a personal design.


Phone: 1-800-488-8773

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